The Toyota Corolla has been a popular vehicle from the time that the sedan was introduced. The vehicles are also abundant in icons that inform the driver of vehicle function, driver's assist and safety features. The symbols appear on the dashboard and may be strange to new owners. However, they are easily demystified. See the new 2020 Corolla models at Dolan Toyota.

Vehicle Function

  • ABS light-The illuminated icon warns that the braking system is malfunctioning. The vehicle needs evaluation by a Toyota technician before an accident occurs.

  • Brake hold-The illuminated “brake” icon appears when the driver steps on the brake and turns off when the gas pedal is pressed.

  • Brake warning-The word “BRAKE” is illuminated followed by a buzzer when a problem arises with the braking system. The vehicle needs immediate evaluation by a Toyota technician.

  • Charging system problem-The battery symbol appears when the vehicle's charging system is not working. The vehicle needs evaluating by a Toyota technician.

  • Cruise control indicator-The image of a vehicle and a speedometer appear when the dynamic radar cruise control system has been activated.

  • Cruise control setting-The word “SET” appears when the driver determines the speed of the cruise control system.

  • Eco indicator-The word “ECO” appears when the vehicle is driving in economical mode.

  • Engine immobilized-The symbol of a vehicle covered by a padlock indicates that the engine will not start until the owner's key has been registered with the Corolla's onboard computer.

  • Headlight indicator-The outline of a glowing bulb appears on the instrument panel to indicate when the headlights, taillights, parking and license plate lights are on.

  • High beam indicator-The symbol appears as a profile of a headlight turned on. Pushing the level toward or away from the driver turns the high beams on or off.

  • Low engine oil-The icon appears as a dripping Aladdin's lamp and tells the owner when the engine needs oil.

  • Low fuel-The gas pump icon appears when the vehicle is too low on fuel.

  • Malfunction indicator-When a serious problem arises, the engine symbol appears to warn owners that the vehicle needs evaluating by a Toyota technician.

  • Master warning-The triangular symbol containing an exclamation mark indicates the master system detected some type of malfunction.

  • Power steering warning-A steering wheel icon accompanied by an exclamation point indicates a problem with the electric power steering system. The Corolla must be evaluated by a Toyota technician.

  • Rear seat warning-The symbol states “rear” and shows a row of seats. The icon is accompanied by a buzzer to remind front seat occupants to check the back seats for children or pets.

  • SRS warning-The icon features a passenger with a seat belt engaged along with a circular symbol above the image. When the symbol appears, the vehicle needs evaluating by a Toyota technician.

  • Tire pressure warning-The symbol appears as the outline of a tire containing an exclamation mark. The signal indicates that one or more tires contain the wrong pressure.

  • VSC off-When a Corolla driver finds themselves stuck in the snow, they must turn the vehicle stability control system off to have the ability to rock the car out of position. Once turned off, the VSC icon appears.

Safety Features

  • BSM-The illuminated abbreviation appears when the blind-spot monitoring system has been activated.

  • BSM warning-BSM appears on the side mirror to alert the driver that a vehicle has entered the Corolla's blind-spot.

  • Lane departure assist-The image of a vehicle entering another lane appears when the lane tracing assist or the lane departure alert systems are activated.

  • Low temperature-The snowflake symbol on a road appears when the temperature outside of the vehicle drops below 37 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius).

  • Seat belt warning-The symbol displays a driver wearing a seat belt to remind all occupants to apply their belts. The illuminated symbol is accompanied by an audible warning.
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