Daylights saving time is right around the corner, and while our cellphones and laptops will automatically update, the same cannot be said for our vehicles. Here's how to change the clock in your 2019 Toyota Camry so you aren't an hour late to events or work!

Changing your 2019 Camry clock settings

  • From the touchscreen, push the "Menu" button
  • You'll notice a button that says either "Setup" or "General". You'll want to access either of these screens
  • Once you're in the right section, click on the "Clock"

Once you're on the clock screen, you'll find a few features, which we'll touch on in a second. The one you want ("Daylight Savings Time") should be close to the top. Click that button to easily set your clock forward, and then later in the year you'll do the reverse.

Other clock changes

There are a few other things you can update in this clock section of the menu. For starters, if you're visiting relatives across the country, you can automatically update the time zone; too bad you cannot update your body to deal with the time zone change! You can also adjust the clock for the GPS, and if you like to use military time or are driving up to Canada, you'll be set for the 24HR setup. To keep things simple, you can also update the minutes on the clock, like if you want to set it three- or five-minutes fast.

All this information is in the owner's manual, and while it can be a bit of a dull read, it's never a bad idea to peek at this important document so you can learn about key aspects of your 2019 Toyota Camry. That way if you need to change something or a warning light comes on, you'll know where to look and can stay cool, calm, and collected!

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