Our Service Center Can Get Your SofTex® Looking Better Than Ever!

Lots of people choose SofTex® over other cloth or leather seating for their car because of its stain-resisting power and comfort. This vinyl blend has been a staple of many Toyota vehicles for many years now, but what happens when a stain becomes too sunk into the fabric? What do you do when vacuuming is not enough for older SofTex material and major stains just will not come out? Fret not, because our Toyota service center at Dolan Toyota in Reno, NV handles detailing, and we can get your SofTex® seats looking as good as new with that fresh, clean smell. Schedule a service appointment today for Toyota upholstery cleaning and detailing, our service center is located here at 2100 Kietzke Lane in Reno, NV.

When Cleaning Isn't Enough

Sometimes a simple vacuum or wash with upholstery cleaner is not enough for some materials. While SofTex® vinyl seating is known for its stain-resisting power, some seats run into messes that the material might not be prepared for, such as ink, oil, certain juices, and other liquids which can be hard to remove with conventional upholstery cleaners. Likewise, the upholstery in your Toyota is subject to the same wear and tear as any other material inn the vehicle, so the stain-fighting power in SofTex® may be limited if you purchased a pre-owned model or have owned your Toyota for a few years now in Reno, NV. Whatever the case may be, our service center mechanics are there to alleviate your frustration and get your SofTex® sheets looking better than ever, using the most recommended cleaners from Toyota to prevent further stains and make the existing ones disappear with ease.

Care for Your SofTex® Seats

Routine maintenance is essential for any vehicle's interior but when maintenance simply is not enough, you can bring your Toyota and its SofTex® upholstery in to our dealership for detailing at Dolan Toyota in Reno, NV. Simply schedule a service appointment online and choose your preferred appointment day/time, we hope to see you soon!

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