Make Use of the Toyota 4Runner 4X4 System in the Reno, NV Area

If you’re a truck enthusiast like us, you’ll love the capability of the Toyota 4Runner and the four-wheel drive capability. Taking on the trails and roads less-traveled has never been more entertaining and with the Multi-Terrain Select System, you can take your performance to a whole other level!

How Does the Four-Wheel Drive System Work in the Toyota 4Runner?

To truly conquer the tough terrain you might come across, the Multi-Terrain Select System™ is easy to use and really handy. You can choose from four different modes to tackle: Mud and Sand, Rock, Mogul and Loose Rock Modes. These are designed to handle just about any situation you might come across and adapt to them. This system will adjust throttle response, brake pressure and an Active Traction Control to help you improve your traction and get over the hurdle before you.

In loose terrain situations, such as Mud or Sand, the system will allow for additional wheel slip which allows you to regain traction and assist you out of tricky spots. In rocky terrain, the Rock or Mogul modes will restrict wheel spin and help you increase your tire’s grip.

This system is also easy to use! All you have to do is press the center on/off button on the dial located on your console and then choose the mode that works for your situation. You’ll know you’re in the right mode as it will show up on your multi-information display. To enable this system, you need to be at a speed of fewer than seven miles per hour.

Ready to try out the Multi-Terrain Select System™ on the Toyota 4Runner? Swing by Dolan Toyota and check it out for yourself!

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