Your Toyota is making it easier to get where you are going. Navigation technology is more reliable than ever. But every now and again, every piece of software needs a little refresher. The navigation system of your Toyota is no different. It won't happen too often, but when that time comes around you want to be prepared.

The roads around Reno are constantly changing. New businesses go up all the time. New neighborhoods can make maneuvering your hometown difficult at times. That is why it is important to make sure your navigation system is up to date and current with all the changes you'll find as you drive around town.

Your navigation and maps serve a great purpose when you are on the road, particularly if you are in unfamiliar territory. Do you need an idea for a great new place to eat? Looking for a hotel on your road trip? How about a place to find those hard-to-find items on your shopping list? Your navigation system can help you discover things you never thought possible.

Updating your maps system through your Entune for you Toyota is an easy process. Make sure you have your computer and a SD card handy. You can find a new SD card for your update at Reno Toyota. Our team can also walk you through the process to save you time and money.

  • Download and install the Map Update Toolbox and save it to your desktop
  • Run the installer program
  • Connect your SD Card to the Map Update Toolbox
  • It is recommended you run a back-up process
  • Create a User Profile and log in

Install Map Updates

  • If an update is available, a button labeled "Updates"
  • Select "Updates" button
  • Select Install

When your maps system is updated you can drive with confidence knowing you'll arrive at your destination efficiently. You will also drive safer, without fumbling through your phone to find the right address or frequently checking it to see where you are.

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