There has always been a strong culture surrounding the modification of small, entry level cars, and the Toyota Yaris is no different. Because it is such a lightweight platform, even small improvements go a long way, making it one of the most fun to drive and modify vehicles available. Dolan Toyota has a host of genuine Toyota performance parts that will improve performance and are made to fit your Toyota Yaris model.

Adding Horsepower

When it comes to finding extra horsepower in your Toyota Yaris engine, add-ons like air intakes and exhausts are the key. By optimizing the fuel and air mixture with cooler, denser intake air, your engine can make more power and burn fuel more efficiently. Meanwhile, a more open exhaust not only sounds great, but helps evacuate exhaust gases more freely, promoting improved airflow through the combustion cycle to once again improve efficiency and power output.

Improving Handling

When it comes to improving the handling of your Toyota Yaris, lowering the ride height and sharpening steering response is an easy way to make a big change. You can accomplish both with lowering springs that allow you to keep your stock shocks and maintain the original ride quality. The difference you’ll notice is that the lower center of gravity and slightly stiffer springs will give you sharper handling, and you can enhance the steering response even further with anti-roll bars. Finally, lighter wheels are available from TRD and will reduce rotational weight which improves every aspect of your driving experience.

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