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Our Toyota-trained technicians are deployed in a "pit crew" approach, to ensure your vehicle receives rapid and accurate service.
Toyota Express Maintenance services include:

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Your time is valuable. So when your Toyota or Scion needs factory-scheduled maintenance or minor repairs, don't let it slow you down. Toyota Express Maintenance offers everything you need to keep you moving. All from the one place you trust to do it right -- Dolan Toyota.

If you live or work in the Reno area you can rest assured that servicing your vehicle at Dolan Toyota will allow you to quickly hit the road with confidence. Contact us today to schedule your next Toyota or Scion maintenance service visit. We have the right price, provide the right quality, and can do it right now!

Why is vehicle servicing important? more-info Why is vehicle servicing important?
Regular maintenance is essential to obtaining the highest level of performance, safety and reliability from your Toyota or Scion. It can also increase your vehicle?s resale value. With proper maintenance and care, your vehicle will last longer and deliver more dependable, economical performance. In addition to scheduled maintenance, your vehicle requires ongoing general maintenance such as fluid checks and visual inspection. Following the manufacturer?s recommendations will allow you to enjoy maximum reliability and peace of mind from your Toyota or Scion for many years to come.

What are the benefits of using synthetic oil? more-info What are the benefits of using synthetic oil?
Genuine Toyota Motor Oil 0W-20 is specifically formulated for your Toyota or Scion to meet the requirements of today?s new engine technology:
It improves fuel economy by increasing the efficiency of your engine?s oil system?more miles per gallon.
It reduces engine friction and provides uniform lubrication throughout the engine to help prevent engine deposits?more engine protection.
It helps to protect the engine during extreme operating conditions.
It provides a quicker oil flow to critical parts of the vehicle resulting in faster starts and better overall engine protection over a wide variety of temperatures? more stability under a wide range of temperature conditions.
It is easier on the environment and your wallet. For many consumers, the change to synthetic oil permits extending the oil drain intervals, which means a reduced waste stream and cost of ownership.

Take Advantage of Toyota Express Service for All Your Routine Maintenance Needs in Reno

Vehicle maintenance becomes just another element of our busy routine, and sometimes it's easy to put it on the back burner in favor of other responsibilities. Keeping current with maintenance is best for your vehicle, and now it's easier than ever to get the service you need near Carson City.

What is Toyota Express Service?

Gone is the necessity of calling to schedule an appointment when it's time for regular maintenance and hoping the dealership has an opening that's convenient. With Toyota's Express Service, you can have these routine tasks completed on your vehicle at a time that works with your particular schedule. Whether you've got a busy day at the office or need to fit in an appointment while running errands, our technicians will work quickly and accurately to complete the work you need.

What services are offered?

Staying on top of necessary maintenance is easy with a quick change of both your oil and the oil filter. If you need an inspection, we can perform both brake and multi-point inspections to keep you driving safely. We can also top up vital engine fluids if they are low. To help you prevent an inconvenient flat tire or dangerous blowout, we'll rotate your tires to avoid uneven wear patterns.

Why is vehicle servicing important?

When your car is running smoothly, it's easy to forget that the oil needs changing or the tires will soon be due for a rotation. Staying current with routine maintenance will help you to avoid an unforeseen breakdown. That's the most immediate benefit, but there are also long term benefits for maintaining your vehicle, like extending the lifespan of your engine or being able to ask a higher price for your well maintained vehicle when the time comes to sell it.

The longer you put off routine maintenance, the more expensive it will become, so you'll actually save money with timely service. It's a lot cheaper to have your tires rotated than to purchase an entirely new set because of uneven wear. Ignore your oil change for long enough, and you'll need to buy a new engine, vastly more expensive than a few oil changes.

What are the benefits of using synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil has a higher grade of purity than traditional motor oil, which allows it to perform to a higher standard when lubricating precision engine parts. It also allows for greater flexibility when performing under diverse temperatures, switching easily between hot and cold. Changing your oil viscosity seasonally between summer and winter isn't as important when using synthetic oil. As it's also purer, it will leave less sludge as a residue in your engine, translating into a cleaner and more efficient performance. You may also get extended use from synthetic oil, allowing greater time between oil changes, although it's a good idea to always adhere to what your owner's manual states for oil change intervals.

What's the benefit of using genuine Toyota parts?

When using manufacturer recommended parts, you are assured that your vehicle is brought back to the same standard it had when it initially left the factory. Toyota parts use high quality components and have a better longevity than third-party generic parts. They are also guaranteed as part of your Toyota service, meaning you can have confidence in the work and repairs completed.

Enjoy worry free driving with regular maintenance from Toyota Express Service. Our technicians will have your back on the road so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy. With manufacturer recommended parts and superior service, both you and your vehicle will benefit from the care you receive from Toyota Express Service.

Dolan Toyota is ready to get to work.