Exceptional Battery Service at Dolan Toyota

It takes a lot of parts to keep your car moving but, without a working battery, you won't be going anywhere fast. Keeping your battery healthy, or replacing your old one with a high-quality and reliable one, is important to us at Dolan Toyota and we'd love nothing more that help Reno, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe drivers get the best battery care possible. Our friendly service center technicians know just about everything about car batteries and you can put your trust in their skilled hands.

When Should I Replace My Battery?

If you're concerned that your current battery may be on its last legs, here are some signs to be aware of:

  • Slow engine crank. If your engine cranks slowly or sluggishly when you attempt to start your vehicle, your battery may be dying.
  • Check Engine light. If this is illuminated, it could be a number of issues and your battery may be one of them.
  • Low battery fluid levels. If you battery fluid levels are below the lead plates, which can be seen through the translucent casing, then you might need a battery and charging system test.
  • Swollen battery case. A swollen case is caused by excessive heat and this will decrease battery life significantly.
  • Leaking battery acid. Battery acid can cause corrosion around the + and - posts, which may lead to your vehicle not starting.
  • The battery is just old. If your battery is older than three years, you'll want to at least get it inspected on a yearly basis to ensure lasting quality.

Why is My Battery Draining So Quickly?

Even if your battery is in perfect condition, it may drain quickly or fail to start the engine. If you're having issues still and none of the problems listed above are the culprit, then check for the following:

  • Several devices being charged. If you have your phone, GPS, MP3 player, rear seat DVD player, satellite radio, and/or a game system all plugged in, they're running on your battery's power. Keep charging devices to a minimum.
  • Excessive road vibration. If you drive a lot on exceedingly rough or damaged roads, the vibrations can cause havoc with your battery and other systems, especially at higher speeds.
  • Frequent quick trips. If you're driving for less than 20 minutes at a time, several times a day, it can prevent the battery from recharging properly.
  • Not driving for extended periods. If you haven't driven your vehicle in a long time (like several years), your battery may struggle to start the engine.

Incredible Battery Expertise at Dolan Toyota in Reno, NV

If you're experiencing any issues with your battery at all, we urge you to schedule a service appointment and leave the hard work to our experts! Professionally trained and factory certified, our technicians will address the problem and get you back on the road quickly, affordably, and hassle-free. We hope to see you soon!


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